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Who we are
We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) Immigration Technology company based in Canada who has developed Technology to help Travel/Education consultants, EdTech platforms, Payment Processors, Business Incubators in Canada and Accelerators and Innovation Hubs in emerging markets offer immigration options to their customers via our APIs and Personalised Partner login. By offering a seamless & flexible immigration option, Shirah's partners can improve customer loyalty and retention by making it easier for customers to access immigration services.

Ecosystem partners

We partner with businesses to create
and deliver value to customers
Helping international students and their families access optimal study and scholarship options to Canada.
Helping international students pay their fees in Canada by offering various payment options.
Supporting international students and foreign workers to find jobs, accommodation and settle into Canada temporarily/permanently.
Overseas helping individuals, families and businesses in their home country with visit, study or general travel plans.
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Seamlessly integrate our API into your own product
With Shirah's API, partners gain access to a wealth of immigration data, tools, and resources, empowering them to provide their clients with streamlined, efficient pathways to Canada.

Ecosystem partners

Why partner with Shirah?

From technology integration to co-marketing initiatives, a partnership with Shirah means working together to build complementary value for every customer.
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Earn commissions of as much as 10% - 25% commission on digital advisory and full application service fees.
The same technology and innovation that has aided helped produce a 99% success rate for applications processed by Shirah.
Access to increased customer loyalty with increased visa success that helps turn your customers to raving fans and product evangelists.
Stay in control of your clients through our Personalised Partner Login and collaborative case management system.

Partner with us to grow your customer base and/or income

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